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8th October 2021 LEARNING REVIEW AND GOVERNANCE Kate Richards has been announced as the independent lead in the learning review that has been commissioned. As an experienced educationalist who has overseen a number of reviews in both the public and private sector, we have confidence that she will get to the heart of matters, andContinue reading “IN THE KNOW”


24th September, 2021 LEARNING REVIEW AND GOVERNANCE Further to the recent articles published in The Guardian newspaper, and as part of the governing body’s independent review, the Royal Borough have announced a Learning Review. A three-month timescale is expected for the review and an independent person will be appointed to lead the process. The schoolContinue reading “IN THE KNOW”


10th September, 2021 RETURN TO SCHOOL What a pleasure it has been to welcome students back this week. Lessons are back to normal, with break time reinstituted for the whole school. Tutors have been able to meet their whole tutor groups after nearly 18 months of separation. Our covid testing regime is in full swing,Continue reading “IN THE KNOW”

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